The Musical Cultural Association AULOS in collaboration with the Municipality of Noci (Bari), Cultural Assesorship, calls the
15th International Clarinet Competition “Saverio Mercadante”. The fifteenth edition will take place from 17 to 20 October, 2019 in Noci - BARI (Italy) in the Congress Hall of the Hotel Punto Verde.
Art. 2
The International Competition aims at promoting and spreading musical culture and at the same time artistic patrimony of the places welcoming competition activity and the events connected to it. The Competition addresses to young clarinettists and it consists of three sections:

SENIOR SOLOISTS (no older than 35 years by September 16, 2019)
application deadline September 16, 2019

JUNIOR SOLOISTS (no older than 18 years by October 9, 2019)

application deadline October 9, 2019

YOUNG SOLOISTS (no older than 15 years by October 9, 2019)
application deadline October 9, 2019
Art. 3
The application to the competition implies the acceptance of all rules.

Art. 4

The application will be submitted exclusively through the ONLINE REGISTRATION from the official website of the competition (CLICK HERE) or by E-MAIL, as per the enclosed form,

September 16, 2019 for the section SENIOR SOLOIST and

within October 9, 2019 for all sections JUNIOR SOLOISTS, YOUNG SOLOISTS

to the secretary’s office of 15
th INTERNATIONAL CLARINET COMPETITION “Saverio Mercadante” email address by enclosing:
1.   The receipt for payment of the enrolment fee headed to the name Associazione Musico Culturale AULOS Zona H, 117/B - 70015 Noci (Bari) – Italy. It will be paid on the current bank account of
- Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Alberobello e Sammichele di Bari,
- IBAN code: IT85 M083 3841 5800 0200 3001 705 with the following amounts:

♦ € 100,00 category SENIOR SOLOISTS

€   60,00 category JUNIOR SOLOISTS
2.    Video recording, required for the only SENIOR SOLOISTS section as eliminatory round;
3.      one recent black-and-white photo size 9x12 cm;
4.   curriculum vitae (musical studies and biography written in Italian or English);
5.     copy of an identification document.
The VIDEO recording, which is required for the eliminatory round only for the SENIOR SOLOISTS, can not be edited or processed. Cuts, editing or other technological manipulation are not permitted.
Candidates can send the video with WeTransfer or other similar services.The applicants who have passed through to the semifinal will be notified by email before September 25, 2019.
The tests of the competition will be public. Competitors are not obliged to perform pieces by heart. The order of performance in the various tests can be chosen freely by the competitor.
Competitors can participate at more than one of the categories. Before the audition, candidates will be delivered 2 copies of the works that will be performed.
The order of performance will be determined by the drawing of a letter that will take place on the first day of the competition and it will be valid for all stages of selection. The drawing will take place in the presence of competitors.
Any recording and relevant radio or Tv transmissions and photos authorized by the organization will not imply any remuneration of performers.
The winners must perform in the final evening in concert formal dress that will take place on
October 20, 2019 at 8,30 pm for all sections. Any refusal will imply the cancellation of the prize.
The jury will be composed by eminent international musicians.
The jury has the right not to award prizes having not an adequate artistic level and of awarding any ex-aequo prizes. The jury's decision is final and cannot be appealed.
The Organizing Committee will provide accompanists pianists for soloists participants
integrating the registration fee with € 30,00. (the SENIOR SOLOISTS integrate such fee as they arrive at the competition secretary). Participants are permitted to bring their own accompanists.
Travel and accommodation expenses will be paid by the participants. The Organization is available for indicating the best logistic offers and any convention with accommodation facilities.
Money prizes are considered inclusive of tax.

If necessary, the Organizing Committee reserves the right of modifying these rules and, in that case, changes will be communicated to the parties concerned in good time.