Rules - COVID


The Musical Cultural Association AULOS in collaboration with the Municipality of Noci (Bari), calls the
17th International Clarinet Competition “Saverio Mercadante”. The seventeenth edition wil take place online with the sending of video recordings due to the persistence of the pandemic situation that strongly affects international travel.

Art. 2

The International Competition aims at promoting and spreading musical culture and at the same time artistic patrimony of the places welcoming competition activity. The Competition addresses to soloist clarinettists and it consists of three sections:

SENIOR SOLOISTS (born after 1 January 1986)
application deadline November 28, 2021

born after 1 January 2003)
application deadline
November 28, 2021

born after 1 January 2006)
application deadline
November 28, 2021
Art. 3
The application to the competition implies the acceptance of all rules.

Art. 4

The application will be submitted exclusively through the ONLINE REGISTRATION from the official website of the competition (CLICK HERE)

November 28, 2021 for the sections SENIOR, JUNIOR and YOUNG SOLOISTS

After the ONLINE registration send to the secretary’s office of 17
th INTERNATIONAL CLARINET COMPETITION “Saverio Mercadante” by email this documents (if you don't send it by dropbox during ONLINE registration):
1. The receipt for payment of the enrolment fee headed to the name Associazione Musico Culturale AULOS Zona H, 117/B - 70015 Noci (Bari) - Italy. The recipient bank account is:
- Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Alberobello e Sammichele di Bari,
- IBAN code: IT85 M083 3841 5800 0200 3001 705 with the following amounts:
♦ € 100,00 category SENIOR SOLOISTS
€ 60,00 category JUNIOR and YOUNG SOLOISTS
2. Videorecording required for all sections (SENIOR, JUNIOR, YOUNG SOLOISTS);
3. one recent black-and-white photo size 9x12 cm;
4. curriculum vitae (written in Italian or English);
5. copy of an identification document;
6. copy of the parts of the pieces of free choice for solo clarinet for the YOUNG and JUNIOR sections.

The VIDEO recording, which is required for all three sections, can not be edited or processed. Cuts, editing or other technological manipulation are not permitted. Each piece must be recorded on a different video track. Therefore the candidates of the YOUNG and JUNIOR sections must send 2 video tracks (with a single shipment) and the SENIOR candidates must send 4 video tracks (with a single shipment). The tracks must be named with the surname and first name of candidate and surname of the composer in all caps (for example: Tinelli Antonio_ROTA). Pieces that consist of two or more tempos must be recorded on a single audio track. Candidates must submit the the video recording via YouTube link (private link) or WeTransfer or similar platforms.


Competitors can participate at more than one of the categories.
The registration for the competition with the relative sending of the photos and videos entails the authorization to use them, in whole or in part, for the streaming broadcast on December 19, 2021 and will not entail any economic claim on the part of the competitors.


The jury will be composed by eminent international musicians.


The jury has the right not to award prizes having not an adequate artistic level and of awarding any ex-aequo prizes. The jury's decision is final and cannot be appealed.


Money prizes are considered inclusive of tax.

If necessary, the Organizing Committee reserves the right of modifying these rules and, in that case, changes will be communicated to the parties concerned in good time.